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The Typical About Us Page

So you want to know a little about us?  First of all let us say thanks for stopping in.  We are having a great time helping people like you get what you are looking for.  Whether you are a PTA President, A Soccer Mom or just the one in charge of getting the family reunion shirts, we will do all we can to earn your business and make the process easy.

Who is Aliso Print?  I am just a mom that loves to do screen-printing.  It started as a hobby making fun shirts for my 6 boys then slowly it began to grow as others asked me to print shirts for them and their groups.  I now provide such a variety of products that I can get you and your group just about anything you need, really!  Just ask.  Bringing your ideas to life is what I love best.  I now have a few others that help me get the work done behind the scenes, so the “I” became “WE”, but personal service is what I have come to be proud of  and 9 times out of 10 I will be the one answering your phone calls.

Our goal is to provide fantastic options within your price range. Since most of our business comes from our friends or referrals from our friends, we like to keep everything down to earth and on the level.  We will give you our best ideas, low prices and fantastic customer service.  It is our highest priority.