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OUR TOP FIVE – The Best Original Ideas

Original ideas and other cool stuff you may not have thought about.

Birthday Banner

1. The Birthday Banner

Have you thought about a Big Banner to help Celebrate that special day? We love this idea. Once the party is over, you could hang it on their bedroom wall. Talk about making someone feel special all year round. For this price it’s not worth the trip to get banner paper, poster paints and let alone hang it up quite easily and just about anywhere. You can see why it’s in the current top five.

They come in just about any size to fit your needs. We made our 3′ by 5 ‘. Prices start at just about $25. Look here for some other unique ways to use these banners.

2. Family Branded Sweatshirts or Tees

Here’s a super fun idea for a family reunion or a big birthday party or just celebrating your family name.  Come up with a “logo” for your group and we can print it on just about anything.  If you have trouble coming up with your own print idea, we’d love to help!  We’ve done tons of these and have lots of samples to show you.

If you see something you like we can insert your name and it’s yours. Tees, Sweatshirts, hats, jogging suits, cups, towells and more.

3. Poster Print for their Rooms

Ready to re-decorate your kid’s room?  Maybe it’s time for that room to stop being a baby room and turn into a teen room.  Or maybe your kids share a room and you want each of them to have something uniquely their own.  Here’s a great way to personalize your kid’s space.  We can take any ordinary photo and apply some super exposure techniques and then print it poster size.  We can make them any size you want!  This is a super cheap decorating idea that is all your own! 

4. Girl Scout Jr Troop Tees

This was such a fun project. This is a great example of a hand drawn design. You can start with just about anything and we’ll bring it to life for you. How about your son or daughter drawing their own design, let us print it onto some great shirts for you and waaa-laaa you have the best party favor in town. If you are ready to order something like this, then head on over to our order page and get started. We’ll get right back to you and nail down the specifics.

They come in just about any size to fit your needs. Do you have an idea for a shirt, and need a little help getting the artwork just right? Let us know, we can help.

5. Kids Business Cards

Let them feel important too. How many time while at the park and you kids hit it off with a new friend? Well now it is easy to get in touch and make the playdate you promised you would.

Design your own or pick one of ours, and yes we can design one just for your pride and joy.